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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Now One Thousand

I sit in wonder what is war but fear
can one escape the torment or does it eat
of your flesh does the wounded hear
the shot that maims does the dying
know which bullet kills are there
regrets or just peace at last once
they trudge that final path

soldier’s must walk with weighted hearts
weapons locked loaded and lethal
sweat beads drop down a dusty brow
too heavy to run too bulky to stop
from door to door silently snaking
through desert streets bullets screeching

pray not to die so close yet so far
our sons our daughters sacrificed
drop down behind oh so holy hills
shifting dunes bullets pierce sand
friends fall never to rise again
tracers light the cloudless sky
tears begin to blind their eyes
sticky hands wipe dried crimson drops
somehow they must get through till dark

Apaches buzz swarming vultures
many have fallen brave soldiers
red white blue blankets
shade our blameless warriors
now one thousand.


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