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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Brave few . . .

How many brave men die and yet have never really live? I am writing trying to find something worthy to be published on Warriors and War and so far I am just rambling.

I have thoughts of a long lost relative; he died while trying to save another. These men we call heroes and yet we know little of their deeds.

Another relative was a guest of the Fuehrer at Stalag III, the same prison camp as the Great Escape was made from. Wilson said, "It wasn't anything like what they portrayed in the movie." It usually never is.

Did you know that Thomas Custer, brother of George, received two Congressional Medals of Honor? And they both died with their boots on at the battle of the .

Did you know that was a Honor Recipient?

Did you know had once wanted to be classified as a Conscious Objector?

Did you know that one man has received this honor during ?

Find Out For Yourself

Brave Men Never Die
They Live in the Hearts
and minds of others

. . .

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