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Friday, May 11, 2007

Are There Wonders of the World Anymore?

We only have one wilderness left. And the mysteries are quickly being solve, what are we going to do when all our challenges are gone?

Far fetched . . . Maybe, but everyone is looking for their own mystery to solve and if everyone did, how many would be left to wonder about?

They found Herod’s tomb, learned how the Inca’s built their bridges and they even built small pyramids with just their own hands. Evolution seems to be the solution, the big bang our birth and in all likelihood a meteor will be our death. We’ve been to the moon, under the icecaps and if there were a way we’d travel back in time or to another galaxy.

Worm holes, alien life, planets like our own, we’re searching for the next exploration, the next exciting adventure and we’re finding it’s been done before.

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