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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Dreams of a Mad Man

An article in the Chicago Tribune made me shake. . . It made me remember Hitler’s madness . . . “Mad Nazi Dream of Racial Purity Revealed”.

It told of polish children hand picked, taken away from their parents to become members of his chosen ones . . . His master race.

And so many didn’t see anything wrong . . . Chaos uses fear to control. And those two hundred plus were taught German, beaten when they didn’t speak it perfectly. And their natural parents were hung, beheaded, sent to death camps.

Could this happen again? It has time after time. Could it happen here? It will . . .

And what happened to all the papers? So many of the documents are sitting behind locked doors and never will be released or so they say . . . The horror done in the camps, some were lab experiments of the most hideous nature. They won’t be released, they won’t give credence to tortures, they won’t risk making those actions, righteous.

You say, it won’t . . . But how quickly we forget.

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