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Friday, July 27, 2007

Choose Your Own Heroes . . .

. . .

Just because someone does great things, is not reason enough to make them your hero, is it? I wonder . . .

Athletes never asked to be our heroes. Teams buy the best players, because we like our teams to win. And not unlike you, players work for the team that pays them the most . . .

And we watch them work and when our team wins, we worship them and those that excel. They become our heroes. Not because they saved a life, not because they were good people, but because they played a game we loved well.

So let me ask you this, did you lie on your resume to get your job? Did you tell a few fibs on your taxes? Did you act on a tip that maybe wasn’t as ethical as . . .

All of us are heroes. If we hold one accountable, all of us should be held to the same standard. Our children will become what they see in us. If you lie, they’ll lie. If you cheat, they’ll cheat. And if you kill, chances are they will too.

Athletes are human too . . . They make mistakes. We may not like that, but we need to accept the fact. Most recent fallen hero, Michael Vick, quarterback of the Atlanta Falcons . . . Maybe ex-quarterback?

One mistake and you’re out . . . Our society has fallen, we no longer wait for the trial before convicting, the media makes sure we do it as quickly as they push us to do it. Once we hung criminals the same day as the offense, once we tarred and feathered those that showed their immoral side.

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