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Friday, August 31, 2007

Here We Go Again . . .

. . .

All I have ever wanted from a President, Senator and my Government was to be proud of them . . . After Clinton I voted for Bush because I wanted to be proud again.

Look where that’s got us . . .

And now we have another scandal . . . Senator Craig, a washroom scandal . . . Set up or something else, who knows, who cares?

Maybe it’s not what it seams, but I’m tired of being embarrassed from the conduct of those that make our laws. If you can’t follow the laws, you shouldn’t be making them.

Why can’t they police themselves, could you? They are not capable, it’s time for an independent committee made up of citizens. Break-a-law, you’re done. A new election must be held within thirty days or your state loses the seat. Shake the trees and see . . .

Maybe that would clean things up, but personally, I would rather do this . . . Break a law, cut off a finger. Then it would be easy to see how we are being represented.

Just think . . . When they are running for reelection, voters would know immediately how they were being represented. Senator X has lost two fingers and his opponent just one. Makes you wonder, eh?

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