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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Today Democrats Took It To Them

Finally someone is moving toward doing the right thing . . . The Senate and the House Democrats have come together to stop the abuse of this Iraq war . . . Sure it’s only on a bill dealing with supplemental spending but it’s a way to start.

And we hear the same old crap . . . No one wants to pull the troops out immediately. I would . . .

And you know why? Because victory shouldn’t be the only cause to stay . . . What is victory when it includes force? Short lived at most because it comes with a vengeance . . . You see everyone that is killed will be at the hands of the U.S. The blame will be ours and we will pay, our children will have to pay. For what, pride?

We need strong leaders to do the right thing, simply because it is the right thing. Not because of pressures. So often they forget they work for us . . . They need to

I’m not as concerned with the monies spent on this war, I’m concerned for our own soldiers, our sons and daughters and what they will have to live with . . . Not all casualties are ever counted. The ugliness that hides deep in the recesses, haven’t yet raised their heads . . . They sit waiting for just the right moment and then they’ll pounce. And the baggage will consume our brave soldiers, it always does.

And now we’re discussing Blackwater . . . Contractors, why now? Why not with the prison problem or four years ago? Because the American People found out . . . Both Democrats and Republicans knew and they never told us. I have a problem with a privatized army for hire and so should you . . . It smells similar to the German SS . . . And there were hints and we ignored them. Turned away, they’d never do it to us . . . Right. The Brave Few.

Dan Hanosh
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