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Monday, April 23, 2007

A Confession: I suffer from shiny penny syndrome

A confession: I suffer from shiny penny syndrome

No really . . . Today, I am confessing . . . I suffer from Shiny Penny Syndrome . . . As do most of us from the Midwest. For some reason we can’t walk by a shiny new car without owing and awing. We have to touch it’s shiny exterior, talk about how fast it goes in a straight away or what it would be like to own one.

And we own shiny everything, from cars, to boats, trucks, lawn tractors, tools of all sorts, fishing lures. Heck we even at one point collected empty shiny beer cans . . . If it’s shiny we have to have it and we have at least one of everything.

But that’s not the real problem . . . We have a tendency to stop mid stride and gawk at its shininess . . . We could be walking along a sidewalk with our boss or a potential client and spot a penny. And we have to stop and pick it up. It’s so cumbersome and embarrassing, to stoop and feign tying a shoe to pick at a penny on a sidewalk.

So many deals have been … to another because of the magical pull of a shiny new penny.

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