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Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Courage of 300

The Courage of 300 . . .

The 300, is a story of the Spartan King, Leonidas. It takes place toward the end of the Persian Wars . . . It's not just any story, but a tragedy told by the poet, HERODOTUS. As with most tragedies, our heroes make a stand and die.

The Persian Wars were just another effort by a nation to take over the world. The Persian Ruler, Xerxes was portrayed as a monarch wanting to be worshiped as a GOD . . . This I'm not sure about.

And politics seems to raise its ugly head. Leonidas goes to the oracle for permission to go to war . . . He offers a tribrute of gold and is turned down. Spartans were a warrior society and Leonidas can not except the judgement. He choses 300 of his best soldiers as his body guards and heads to Thermopylae. The King only chose those with sons, so Sparta would never be without protectors. At Thermopylae, they make a stand and all are slain, but not without taking a lot of Persians with them to the grave.

HERODOTUS, makes it clear that retrobution was the Spartans . . . The movie depicts this with one of the surviors of the 300, leading 10,000 Spartans to victory against Xerxes and the Persians.

No one can truthfully explain what happened at Thermoply, we know very little. And maybe the movie is correct or not. The movie is worth seeing, as is The Persian Wars by HERODOTUS, worth reading . . .

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