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Saturday, April 14, 2007

What's With The One Liners . . .

You know what I'm talking about all those one stanza guys that say nothing . . .

"The World died when I was two, I was blue."

So what . . . Tell me something I didn't know. You can't do it with one line, you can't keep my interest without making a real effort. Do you call a white canvas with a line, art? Maybe, but I call it the Nike logo.

Over on another site, there is a poet who has filled the hard drive with so many one liners no one else can hardly get to the server . . . Is that what it's all about? Maybe if you just want to win the Ipod?  Not me.

I'm not suggesting that they throw him off, because I believe in our freedom of speach. I believe whole heartedly in artistic expression. But maybe that's stretching things don't you think?

Sounds a little like the silliness on MSNBC and now we get another Sports Show. My beef has never been with what was said or not said . . . It was the lack of loyalty of friends, colleagues and our supposed canidates. Not my canidates mind you. Never, never, ever . . . I want someone who can look past our differences, one that will draw us together.

Such as President Kennedy's Inaugural Address . . .

Now I now a few such men, John Edwards for one . . .

Dan Hanosh

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