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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Loved From Afar

The time was not right,
is it ever, you had
your life, I had mine,
, maybe, maybe .

Remembering, we had something,
something very special, though
we dare not act on it, for we
feared reprisal.

I did not know of my
infatuation, that would
come much later.

Our friendship grew, the image
of you made my blood boil,
your aroma quickened my heart,
the curve of your neck filled me
with .

I knew you felt it, the touch of
your hand when you came near,
the graze of a hip, the warmth
of .

Spending hours together, when
we could be elsewhere, collecting
images for what would have to sustain
us when we parted, longing to be

Our ritual continued for
months, never acting,
growing, until that fateful

Many years latter, I knew
we had given up something
special, a shared moment,
we had loved, loved from afar.



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