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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Of all the candidates two stand out

Of all the Candidates, two stand out

Dennis Kucinich and John Edwards stood out among all the Democratic Candidates . . . Mr. K. he would stop funding this Iraq crap instantly and Mr. E. he would help the world and give back the America that has been hijacked by the greedy . . .

And the rest, the just murmured in the background . . . The same promises, with stipulations . . . I’m tired of failure, I’m tired of the hatred, of war and hunger in the world. Ask yourself why? Why are gas prices growing at a ridiculous rate?

Believe what you will, but I won’t do the same . . . All you have to do is look at their income sheet and then you’ll know . . .

In this election, I’m not looking for more of the same . . . Not a wiry Bush, nor a sly Clinton. Obama, I’m not sure he can see anything but color . . . That’s not who I am. The man from New Mexico certainly is wise and so is the one with Rode Island ties. Although I’m not sure where they stand, they may just be another company man.

The others I don’t think will be much a treat and yet their there to take my time away from me. And I wonder, when is someone going to rise above the hate, to unite the great states, to build the American Dream once more.

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