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Thursday, April 26, 2007

whats with the 300

What’s with the 300?

Part 2: Yesterday I shared several thoughts and I repeat them today to set the stage for a story I must share . . .

Could a mere 300 hundred men, truly have stood for so long against so many? Why would they have fought to the death, each man?

Those two questions, many of us won’t understand . . . Over the years I did a little impromptu survey of my own . . . I asked approximately a hundred or so, friends and family what they would do?

I said, you’re in a foxhole, with four of your closest friends and a hand grenade is tossed in, what do you do?

And of those asked, only one chose to sacrifice themselves for the others. Most replied, jump out of the hole or throw it back . . . Now who would you rather have in your foxhole?

As for the 300, we know what they chose, don’t we?

I wanted to share one more thought on a similar subject as this . . . You see, the only person that answered by self sacrifice, I hold in the highest regards . . . Can share my fox hole any time.

You see that person was left four hundred thousand dollars when a sibling died . . . He forgot to change his will to his new wife and my honorable friend signed the money over to her . . . Would you?

“For whom the bell tolls, it tolls thee . . .” John Donne

And I feel a chill is in air, for where we are, isn’t where we’ve been . . .

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