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Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Brave Few . . . May 24 2007

Growing up, I remember my Grandpa lamenting how the Government made him give up his 45 after his nineteen days on the front. He never told me where he was; only that he was a member of a machine gun team. He brought home an American doe boy helmet, a German helmet and mosquito netting that would sit over a cot.

He was a product of conscription, WWI version of the draft. I can remember several times listening to him as he lamented about several old timers he knew that were being paid by Uncle Sam for their service, making more than he did and they never left the States.

He would never talk about his service . . . If I brought it up, he would change the subject. Everyone that has ever seen The Elephant, they never talk about that time.

My Dad’s cousin was navigator on a B-24 Liberator. His plane was shot down over Germany and he was a guest of the Third Reich for about a year, Stalag Luft III. That’s the one that the movie, “The Great Escape” was focused on. All he ever said was the Germans didn’t treat them that bad.

A friend went to Vietnam, when he got back he defused bombs for the county and was a Major in the reserves. Several years ago, he put his 45 to his head and . . .

War is hell, no body ever wins, everything changes . . . Over 500,000 troops have been to Iraq, over 3000 have died, and tens of thousands have been crippled or debilitated with brain injuries.

I wish politicians didn’t use war for political gain. I wish they had to know the pain of loss before a war could begin . . . Maybe if they had to give of themselves, say a finger, an arm, a pound of flesh, a son or daughter . . . Maybe our leaders would stop ruffling their feathers pushing other countries around. Just a thought . . .

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