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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

My Mom . . . the brave few May 1 2007

A Dedication to all moms everywhere . . . Happy moms day.

Everyone has someone that has made the greatest impact on their life . . . My mom was that person for me. She is no longer on this earth. She died over five years ago. Everyone says that you’ll get over it. The truth, you never do.

My mom was my spiritual guide in this life. She taught me how to be the best I can. And when no one else was there for me she was. She supported my writing, when every one except my wife deserted me.

Let me tell you about moms . . . They move heaven and earth for their children. And even if their kid was a mass murderer, they would still love them, and they should.

Remember my Foxhole survey, in What’s with the 300?

Whats with the 300, Fox hole survey

Well mothers become soldiers when it concerns their children . . . If their child ran into the road, they would throw themselves in front of a car, to save them. They would put themselves between any danger and their children . . . That’s why you . . . Never come between a mother bear and her cub.

My hero is my mom . . . When she was alive, she had cataract surgery. The doctors messed up; they had to take out the lens of one eye. Just to see each morning she had to put in her contact. And I don’t know if she could see . . . She never really said. But you know, she could have sued and she didn’t . . . She wouldn’t, that was not her.

And you know something, when we die, that’s when everyone else sees us for the first time . . . They learn how well we lived . . . It’s in those that come to see us off, to see us on our way. It’s in those we touched along our path . . . My mom had hundreds of friends . . . And I didn’t know, but then again . . . That wasn’t her way.

Thanks mom, thanks for everything.

Love you, always.

Your son, a writer.

Dan Hanosh
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