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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Whats in a name May 2 2007


What’s in a name? They’re used to define us. Give us uniqueness, a feature no two alike. And yet we all know that names are alike. But the way we use them, it seems to be ok.

But what’s in a name, that’s engraved on a wall? For these names represent one and all. We don’t mean to mistakenly present them and in most cases a name on a wall means this individual has given his all.

And what’s in a name on list? These individuals are uniquely the same for each has been listed by their surname with some quality common to all.

And what’s in a name on a book? These individuals stand out among the rest for they have experience more than us all. Though how could one name mean any more than another?

What with each of these names, Martin Luther, John, Abraham, Diana, Saul, Mahatma, Teddy, Teresa, Alexander, Solomon, Cleo, Julius, Leonidas, Adolf, Osama, Katrina, Wisconsin, New Mexico?

Names mean so many things. It’s surprising we can discern which is which . . .

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