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Friday, May 04, 2007

Vimy Ridge - Opening Battle of the Arras

Most Americans have never heard of Vimy Ridge. Nor would they be expected too. Vimy Ridge was one of the largest battles in WWI. Just a hill, though it was held by the Germans. And no one ever expected to have taken it away from them . . . So many times it was tried and so many times it was met with failure. The French had lost 150,000 men in their attempts to take that ridge.

Finally, it was decided to give the Canadians at shot at the hill . . . And they trained behind the front on a hill similar to Vimy, four divisions, each with their own mission.

A week before the attack the Canadian troops, gave them hell by shelling their gun emplacements on the other side of the ridge. They issued the largest artillery barrage ever at that point. Over one million shells were fired on guns and troop trenches, with the help of observation balloons. And most of the guns destroyed. Canadian troops attacked . . . 100,000 men were to take the hill and hold it. And they did, with minimal losses.

Vimy Ridge Memorial

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