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Thursday, May 03, 2007

The Unknown Soldiers - Remember the brave few

In a field somewhere anywhere a worker works, digging up the fallen soldiers. It could be from any war, in any country, from any time. And still soldiers fall . . .

From the battle of Thermopylae where the remains of the 300 have been uncovered . . .

Or Germany where this story comes from, the second World War and the bodies are mostly German soldiers, never recovered.

A man Erwin Kowalke once dug a complete plane out of a swamp, pilot still at the controls. *

”The dead deserve a bit of honor.”

Gets you to thinking . . . Dog tags, remains, what’s in those caskets? Flag draped and unreported, unacknowledged, no heroes welcome for the fallen . . . Not by this President . . . And maybe not by any?

Have you been to Arlington National Cemetary?

You should see the changing of the guard in front of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and feel the honor. Those that guard the tomb, would gladly die fighting for them. Honor is alive in America . . .

Dan Hanosh

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* Taken from, Search for the fallen in a now-quiet forest, by Jeffery Fleishman

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John Trikeriotis said...

Hi Dan,

Thank you very much for linking my site to your excellent post on 'The Unknown Soldiers.'

Best wishes,