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Monday, June 25, 2007

9-11 Revisited . . .

I’ll never forget 2001, it was the year mom died . . . I watched her die slowly from CANCER. She died in November, the 14th. Just two months after the towers. I remember asking why do you want to be here? And I said this sh*t is just beginning . . . Now were going to have twenty to thirty years of this . . .

And 9-11 set off day after day of fear . . . An anthrax scare, another plane going down weeks later and the alert levels, the shoe bomber, talk of arming pilots, etc. , etc.

But what I remember on that afternoon was the silence . . . I’ve never experienced anything so deafening. It was as if everything we ever knew died at ground zero. And the planes were all grounded, not a one in the air and it seemed that everyone was inside. There wasn’t a sound.

Maybe that’s it . . . We took a long nap and we’re still asleep. That would answer so much, why Iraq, why torture, why they don’t do what they swore they’d do, why illegal aliens aren’t treated as someone breaking our laws? This is just a bad dream and maybe someday real soon we’ll wake up and everything will be ok.

But if it’s not, how could we let so much go so very wrong? No one’s minding the store . . . Not Republicans, not democrats. Both parties are just interested in furthering their own agenda. Where were they when Katrina hit, where are they protecting our borders, enforcing the laws? No action is an action, but that’s just more of the same sleeping sh*t. Will someone please give them a nudge, wake them up, it’s almost time to go home.

Now it’s time for us to remember that day, the one we buried deep inside . . . The one we tried to avenge with Afghanistan, but don’t we remember, the Russians were there ten years before they left with their heads in their hands.

Remember the towers, the firefighters and policemen, the soldiers in the pentagon and flight 93; how they fought back . . . How they probably saved our White House or merely our Government . . . We mustn’t forget the brave few.

Dan Hanosh

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