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Friday, June 29, 2007

And they just don't get it

. . .

Why did the emigration bill go down in flames?

They just don’t get it . . . Democrats the party of the people just doesn’t seem to understand that the American people think they’re for everyone but them. We don’t hate those coming across the border to feed their families, we don’t trust our own. Money seems to be all anyone cares about.

Maybe if everyone had healthcare and college tuition paid by the government . . . Maybe then we wouldn’t mind so much?

But what have they done for us? Our soldiers that sacrificed so much can’t even get a clean room in a hospital.

So when did Iraq not become like Vietnam? Or even Korea? Do we welcome our boys home with ticker tape parades? Hell no . . . We didn’t when they came back from the Nam. Many remember the marches and the shouts of baby killer . . . When the plan was going awry, we carpet bombed them . . . And when we pulled out, the fields were running red with the stench of death. And we’re afraid it’s going to happen again. Don’t be afraid the wheels were moving toward that the minute we bombed Iraq. To fight in someone else’s backyard gives them the edge they are fighting to the death, they have too.

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