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Friday, June 01, 2007

Ramblings on a Friday June 1, 2007

Ramblings on a Friday June 1,2007

. . .

After eight years, Dr. Jack Kevorkian is released from prison.

I’m not sure how I feel, for I know there are two sides to everything. Assisted suicide, suicide, terminal illness, so many questions and I am not the one to judge.

They say he still believes people have the right to die.

What’s wrong with the media? Everyone one has the right to their own opinions. He served his time for his and being there when 130 people took their own lives.

For those that would throw the first stone, remember live by the sword die by the sword . . .

Surfing today I found some great poetry . . . I haven’t bought Brian Turner’s Book yet, but I will. His poetry is so crisp and clear. He writes of Iraq through the eyes of a soldier with words only a soldier has earned the right to use.

Najaf 1820

Camel caravans transport the dead

from Persia and beyond, their bodies dried

and wrapped in carpets, their dying wishes

to be buried near Ali,

                       where the first camel

dragged Ali’s body across the desert

tied to the fate of its exhaustion.

Najaf is where the dead naturally go,

where the gates of Paradise open before them

in unbanded light, the blood washed clean

from their bodies.

                        It is November,

the clouds made of gunpowder and rain,

the earth pregnant with the dead;

cemetery mounds stretching row by row

with room enough yet for what the years

will bring: the gravediggers need only dig,

shovel by shovel.

Brian Turner . . . from his book, Here, Bullet.

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