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Thursday, May 31, 2007

My Metamorphosis

Today is my 27th Wedding Anniversary . . . And I’m very happy.

Looking back on my life, there was one point I knew stood out among all the others. There’s more than one, but the event I am thinking about changed my life forever.

I was sitting in a church in Appleton Wisconsin, surrounded by at least 250 others. We were there to give our last respects to a woman. I knew her only as Grams. Never in my wildest imagination had I known who she really was.

And as I looked around that church, I knew there was so much I didn’t know about that little old white haired lady from Appleton.

My Gram lived in a very small green two story house on a busy corner across from a factory. My only memories were stopping over night on the way up north . . . The lights across the street never went out. Her house seemed to me, so lonely . . . How wrong I was.

Each year we traveled north to a cottage and stopped on the way at Grams. It was my mother’s only time to get the family news, you know what I mean. She had three crazy brothers . . . Not that they were any different than any male creature. They just carried things to the limits.

Once while Gramps was still alive, one of her brothers was building a lake. So he buried a case of TNT and set it off. The earth moved alright. It went straight up into the air and came right back down filling the same hole . . . All except one large rock that found its way through my Gramps car window.

Every time we stayed with Grams, the lights across the street were lit, they never went out. And for a six year old, shadows do some evil things. Lying on her floor, I was too busy keeping watch to sleep much.

And never did I realize how full a life Grams lived until she was gone. That’s when I realized, things didn’t matter as much as people. Somehow that little elderly lady had touched 250 people and I never had a clue. How? And that question sent me on a quest to change . . .

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