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Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Thai-Burma Railway

. . . The Bridge To Nowhere

Check Out the Video Above . . .

Almost seventy years ago we were engaged in a conflict that would change our views on war forever . . . So we thought?

We have forgotten those brave souls, the brave few that endured what we can’t even begin to understand and work, die building the Bridge To Nowhere. POW Slave labor was used to build the famous Thai-Burma Railway, .

And the numbers, they speak for themselves . . .

POW’s Working on the Line 60,000

Civilians 270,000

Dead . . .

Allied Troops 13,000

Asian Civilians 70,000

Living on rice, two small cups a day, starvation, malaria, cholera, torture to build a 257-mile supply line through some of the harshest land connecting Burma to Thailand.

No medicines . . . Only mass graves.

If workers refused to work, the sick and wounded weren’t given food. From sunup to well past sundown they toiled with just their hands, cutting through the densest jungles to build a transport for supplies all to free up the Japanese fleet.

And this one phrase stuck my spine. It goes something like this . . .

When you get home, tell them,

say we gave all our tomorrows,

for your today.

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