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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

A Warriors Tale . . .

Are we wrong the way we are raising our children?

Today we are in a war . . . Many of us would always rather be in a war fighting. I don’t know why, but I know our children aren’t prepared for war. Not living in the U.S. We pamper them, coddle them and protect them and when they need to be strong . . . Let’s just say they don’t have the tools to draw from.

At school if they fight, they are suspended, maybe given a ticket. We don’t want aggression and yet when it comes to war, who’s going to kill our enemies?

I don’t believe in war and yet I believe in freedom. I believe and letting each of us fight their battles because someday there won’t be the law to hide behind.

A Warriors Tale . . .

On a cliff

saplings break

the earth overlooking

a great mighty lake . . . storms

blow and bend the little

twigs their branches dancing

in the wind until all are

dust but one

and it fights

each and everyday

to survive and

it grows strong . . . it’s

only companion the blades of

grass lying at its roots

with time the sapling reaches

out to the sky and grows

mightily on the cliff

overlooking the great

blue waves

lightning strikes

hits its mighty trunk

illuminating a scarred

blackened frame . . . aged

by time the mighty oak lives

to fight another day.

Dan Hanosh

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