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Friday, August 10, 2007

Do you think they get it . . .


When’s the last time any politician asked you what they should be doing? Most likely never . . . Why is that?

Do they realize they work for every American or do they just want it to look like they are looking out for us?

Compromise, I’m afraid that’s just a way to tell us to forget it . . . Universal health not while we’re in Washington. Higher education, a wars going on, we have to buy things that go boom. Your hungry . . . Get a job. Social Security’s in trouble, if only we didn’t have to pay it back to them?

And now our bridges are broken, a design flaw . . . And what’s the first thing they want to do? Tax the already high gasoline . . . Why? They can. It may get some cars off the road. Reduces green house gases, pollution, oil consumption.

And you know it stinks of conspiracy . . . Sure that’s ridiculous but then again so is making tragedy a blessing. There’s a reason all the papers from Nazi experiments on prisoners hasn’t ever been released . . . Any end doesn’t justify the means. Right is right and wrong, so very wrong.

All our lives we pay taxes, all our lives we struggle to get ahead . . . And they build bridges to nowhere, start meaningless wars and never raise a finger to help the poor victims of Katrina . . . And what was the underlining cause in New Orleans? A levy maintained by whom?

What do they do to make our lives better? Easier?

Dan Hanosh
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