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Monday, August 20, 2007

I Am An American First And Always . . .

. . .

Yesterday, I found a site determined which Presidential Candidate fit your beliefs . . . I in my heart believe I am a Republican, for so many reasons. Anyway after filling out the boxes marking issues that are important to me . . . My best fit to my beliefs is Kucinich . . .

No Republican at all . . . Now I wonder who I am? But let me say also, no one is what they want you to believe. I believe no one should be bankrupt for healthcare, to live. I believe paying your taxes has given you the right . . . I believe in healthcare for all and should not be tied to where you work.

I believe in Freedoms of the Constitution and the Patriot is crap . . . I believe that my opinion is just that, my opinion and should not have any more power than yours. I believe that if you want a goat in your front yard, you should have it . . . Same sex marriage, that’s your business not mine. Torture, wiretapping, cameras, armed troops on our corners are all ridiculous, not American.

I believe we should be treated like the assets we are to the country and college is an investment in us and when we make more we pay more in taxes . . .

I don’t believe in war, for any political gain. Vietnam did this to me . . .

I believe that all Americans deserve a living wage . . .

I believe the borders need to be protected and at this point I don’t think breaking a law should be a path to citizenship . . . Everyone even Bush needs to be held accountable . . . Our Country was founded on truth, justice.

And no retiree should ever be homeless, should ever go hungry or worry about healthcare, drug coverage . . . They have paid taxes their whole life and now we need to care for them.

And now I can’t even be called a Republican because I believe in the people . . . Well maybe our leaders are all wrong. Somewhere we have confused handouts with compassion and helping someone do better, be better.

I believe in this country, I believe in the American people . . . I don’t believe in our leaders beliefs. When did the leaders stop doing what the people wanted? Why are we matching candidates values to ours, they should be always doing what we want?

Mr. President you work for us . . . Start acting like it.

Dan Hanosh
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