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Thursday, August 16, 2007

I Am A Republican . . .

. . .

I am a Republican and I believe in some social programs, Health Care, the Post Office, College for Everyone and social security for every retiree . . .

Why? Simple, not everyone lives life standing in the rainbow . . . Not everyone has the same entitlements of birth into a prosperous family. There are people who have live in poverty for three and four generations. And they need our help to break out . . .

Once we were striving to be the best country in the world . . . We were striving to help the world be more like us. Yes we were protectors for the underdogs. We were something to be proud of, and now I’m not so sure . . .

I’m not talking about soldiers, I would never ever imply that our military people are not worthy of our pride, they are . . . They have always gone above and beyond . . . And it brings tears to my eyes the way we’ve treated them.

Our current policies have brought us to a new low . . . Somewhere they have decided that the end justifies any means necessary. What defines necessary? Who defines it? Limits were set. And our current administration ripped them to shreds . . . And now we jail without due process, we torture and do not follow the Geneva Conventions, the same ones that we helped create. And we ease drop and build a state of fear . . . For what? To fight terror by becoming the enemy, I don’t get it, to leave democracy for fascism?

And we the people accept it . . . Sure they say our freedoms will come back. They are just taking a small detour . . . Right.

Dan Hanosh
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