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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Two Down Three To Go . . .

. . .

Libby and now Karl Rove are gone . . . Gonzales, Bush and Cheney are all that is left.

It’s not a question of politics, this administration waged war on the American people and their freedoms. Bush took an oath to uphold the Constitution and instead he ripped it to shreds. One day it will all come out and then we’ll wake up.

Someone took impeachment off the table . . . No one has the right to do that. Congress is supposed to be the watch dogs of our democracy. Democracy is not Republican or is it Democratic. It’s Government for the people by the people. To change our way of life is gives a victory to the terrorists. And that’s not acceptable. So many of our fathers, brothers have died for our freedoms and now this administration has made a mockery of everything any American has ever believed . . .

This President must go.

The Brave Few.

Dan Hanosh
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Morgan said...

Dan - I understand your passion and your anger. Too often it seems that this country does not support its' warriors, i.e. Vietnam Vets as well as those who served in the Gulf Wars, etc. It's not only the politicians - of whatever ilk, it's us as well. You stated 'government for the people by the people' - what you omitted was 'of the people'. You say that our sitting president must go - we only have 17 months before that will come to fruition. Many want impeachment, but I seriously doubt that will happen. Spend more time focusing on the problems than the blame - you'll feel less angst and accomplish more. Peace, brother.

Dan Hanosh said...


Friend . . . I don't want impeachment, I think all American's should demand it, at the least. The Constitution mentions impeachment something like six times . . .

You see, our fore fathers worried about unchecked power and that's why Congress was given the tool of impeachment. And so quickly, they gave the power of war to our President and he abused it.

He took an oath to uphold our basis for democracy and he ripped it to shreds . . . The only way to make sure that no other President walks this same path is to hold this one accountable . . . Now that takes leadership and I'm also pretty sure that's not going to happen.

Peace, love and friendship.

Dan Hanosh
Dreams Are Yours To Share