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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

If it's August, it must be Crawford . . .

. . .

August has always been associated with heat . . . The last really hot days of summer. Americans have learned associate August as the time our President heads to Crawford for the month.

Today I realized something . . . We were upset when the Iraq Government was going to take a month off and low and behold . . . Georgie and the boys and girls of Congress are gone to parts unknown . . . And our sons and daughters are stuck in Iraq dying in unheard of heat.

I would like to tell them all . . . It’s coming fast and you can’t stop it. Heads will roll and it’s not going to matter what party you belong too. Our troops should be home . . . We should be rebuilding the south, rebuilding our ailing homeland. You coined the term, now let’s use it for good, not the bogus fear you’ve created.

Why would anyone want to be President?

I’m not sure . . . I always thought it was for the people, but now I know differently. And I’m leery of all of them. There are just too many things that need attention, that need solving for congress to run their show as business as usual. And that’s all their doing and nothing, worth anything is being done.

For example the bill that gave healthcare to several hundred thousand children . . . That’s all good and great, unless their parents get sick and can’t work. Who’s going to feed, house and care for the children? Now if you got several hundred thousand families healthcare, now there’s an accomplishment to be proud of. Forty some million Americans don’t have, can’t afford and need healthcare. Many will be forced to go bankrupt and it will destroy them.

Democrats settle to easily . . . They need to learn to fight, to be strong. And Congress needs to know they work for us, the American People.

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