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Monday, August 27, 2007

Three Down No Wait Is It Four?

Three Down No Wait Is It Four?

Libby, Rummy, Rover and now Gonzo . . . Who’s the next of Cowboy George’s Traveling Hypocrisy to fall?

Is Gonzo’s leaving part of a deal or is Bush trying save his legacy? Why now?

In my opinion with merely 500 days left of the Bush Presidency, ample time to lie under oath and still time for a pardon . . . Who’s gonna pardon Vick? Not this President.

Does any of this matter to you? Not to me. Mr. Bush has got to go and soon . . . Be it, resignation or impeachment . . . We can not wait any longer. We have to clean up his mess before we get another puppet president from any political party.

But one question still eats at me, if Bush cares about his legacy, why hasn’t congress used this carrot all along?

Because what you see isn’t what you get . . . The Democrats screamed about Bush but they never really tried to stop him, why? It works for them too.

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