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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Condi to the rescue . . .

. . .

Who is Black Water USA? Why would the administration quickly act to make sure they weren’t thrown out of Iraq? The administration never came to the aid of their own soldiers in the US that oh so famous prison, did they?

I don’t know the truth . . . I can only connect the dots. So let’s see . . . The spin has Black Water with only a thousand in Iraq, protecting civilians, hmmm. And pictures show them doing building to building searches, dressed and looking like American soldiers. The rumor mill believes they have twenty-five thousand employees in Iraq . . . And now we learn that Black Water is one of eight security firms being used, hmmm.

This thing is turning into a mountain of lies . . . And why wouldn’t Iran, Syria and hell Turkey come to the rescue of Iraq? There brothers, cousins are being gathered in a killing field called Iraq. Can anyone one win? That’s not the way of war, not anymore.

And the truth, it doesn’t matter who is President, either of the parties don’t have the huevoes to stop the madness. The rhetoric is always the same, defeat is not an option . . . Hell it ain’t. This mess was conceived in a backroom somewhere and our sons and daughters are paying the price for their decision to go to war in Iraq . . . Where is their blood? Hell we don’t even know if the numbers are correct . . . Don’t be surprised when we learn Iraq has surpassed the body counts in Vietnam . . .

It’s got to stop . . . How many have turned against the US? If it looks like a goat, smells like a goat . . . It probably is a goat. Where the hell is the media? Why did Fox get away with editing Sally Field? Mr. Bush needs to go . . . As does Cheney and the rest of their gang . . . The Brave Few.

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