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Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Good The Bad and Our Leaders . . .

. . .

In a perfect world, I would be writing less intensive words . . . But we live in colorful times. Sorry for the tripe. We’ve lived in colorful times before, another time, another meaningless war. Iraq is crap . . .

All I really have to say,

I’m not sure how we ever believed the lies going into this tragedy . . . But we did and now we have to do what’s right, BRING EM HOME.

Our leaders, they won’t . . . Who cares for what reason? Our sons and daughters are dying. It’s not their choice, but some rich politician sitting safely behind a desk. And the Generals know, it’s all a farce . . . They can’t say unless they are ready to retire. And the media, well they’re all bought by big money . . . Where has the truth gone?


And we believe this war is over OIL . . . Right. The truth it’s over money and power as always. War is money, makes money for those selling arms, services and bodies to fight. Oh and it sells policies . . . While we’re watching the war, we don’t see our leaders gutting our country.

Have our leaders eliminated the healthcare problem? No why? Have they invested in education for the people, college? No? Have they helped the homeless transition back into society? No? Have they made the retirement burden easier on the American Elderly? No? . . .

Their answer is to legalize those that come into the country illegally . . . Does this get us any closer to healthcare? College for all? Easing the retirement burden? Transition of the homeless? No, no, no . . .

To be honest . . . Our leaders don’t know what the problems are. They think Globalization is a good thing. Only in the long range, but that’s after the American market place is destroyed . . . That’s the destruction of the greatest market in the world. That’s crap you say . . . Right. The American Market depends on American Spendable Incomes and their dwindling . . . Globalization means cheaper labor and cheaper goods . . . That doesn’t mean higher profits . . . Do the math

Dan Hanosh
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GET - MORE - TRAFFIC said...

Oh boy, do you realize that the economy will boom after the war is over?

It's kind of like going to the gym and working out. Muscles get soar, time gets spent, and money gets spent on health products.

In the end, it's good for the body. You're stronger, faster, tougher, and more confident.

If really want things to change, stop looking at now, but looking at how good things will be when they come home.

Why don't you start writing about how things will change once it's all over. If things don't change, then that's the real sin.

You better hope to heaven that America's economy booms after this. If not, what a waste for sure.

Then it's your fault for not taking action while the boys were out fighting wars. Prepare for them when they come back.

Or are you like that wife that doesn't clean up, or teach the children, while her husband is a way at work? Are you just watching T.V. and getting fat?

Stop bitching, getting sad, and start making positive changes, preparation for the boys return from war.

Dan Hanosh said...

Reply to get - more - traffic

Wow . . . "Economy will boom", "Stronger, faster, tougher...", "Start writing about how things will change after war", "Stop bitching."

Wow . . . The economy, money. Really? . . . All I can do is shake my head and wonder when you're going to Iraq . . . I mean to get stronger.

Sorry . . . I want thank all our soldiers for their service and their sacrifices . . . And still, let's BRING EM HOME.

Dan Hanosh
Dreams are yours to share

Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...

I can't bear to watch the news of the war anymore, respect the soldiers that are there, but also want them home!!! Enough is enough. My heart bleeds for what is going on in the world.

What a great blog!!! You give a person hope that the world can improve.