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Thursday, September 27, 2007

I'm Mad As Hell . . .

. . .

Someone left me a note telling me I’m not saying anything that everyone doesn’t already know . . . Then why the hell aren’t you upset?

What we’re going through has all been done before, over and over again. So why aren’t we all upset? Why aren’t we marching, writing letters and just plain mad?

Its privatization VS socialization, I have no use for either . . . We need to be somewhere in between, only our so called leaders are no longer happy in the barren middle wasteland.

The Democrats want the Illegal emigrants to be legal. They say they say they want to end the war and yet they don’t pull funding, they don’t stall congress until our troops are brought home . . . Rather they put forth do nothing time stalling bills for hate crimes . . . No one likes persecution of any kind, but in the states, each one has laws that cover hate crimes as does the military. And so we create more meaningless political positioning.

While the Republicans push for privatization . . . Military, ports, stock markets, libraries, post office, the police, etc., etc. That means paying for everything and paying their price not yours . . . Why has heating costs sky rocketed? Remember Enron? Privatization . . . Small business uses Illegal Labor, they don’t want legalization, they like the cheap labor, you figure . . .

Our leaders are all the same and I just don’t know which one is worse . . . We need leaders to realize, the purses are dwindling, the war is a cash cow. We don’t have in the United States anymore, we don’t have manufacturing. Our farms are being sold to other countries, toll roads to other countries, ports to other countries . . . To The Kingdom . . . Who is the Kingdom, Google it and see.

I wonder who will buy Glacier National Park or Yellow Stone or the Washington Memorial? Who will buy Arlington? The Vietnam Wall? I wonder how much the Grand Canyon will go for? Why can trucks cruise across our borders unburdened? Why does the DHS board buses and look for Illegal Aliens and never do a thing? It’s a sham . . . All of it.

Globalization is a sham for the rich to sell us out, to out source labor to the cheapest source.

What ever happened to FEMA, the FDA, the SEC? They’ve gone the way of privatization, gutted and made into a political tool for the administration.

But if things continue, we’ll be building again, because we won’t be able to import our goods from China, etc. We’ll be fighting them and the rest of the world.

Dan Hanosh
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