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Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Privatizing of America . . .

. . .

I’m not sure America ever had a win at any cost war policy . . . Some where something very important is lost in that message. Win regardless of right and wrong, win without a sense of morals. I’m just not sure we can survive with out either.

What do you think of privatizing the U.S. Military? It worked great for France, didn’t it? They are a power, aren’t they?

What’s blowing in the wind isn’t good. Iraq war budget jumps for 2008. Why? Blackwater gets to continue. Iraqi refugees are pouring into other countries. Israel raids Syria. Firm troop pull out date fails in Democratic led Senate. B52 flies from ND to Louisiana, with nuke sidewinders. Our borders are free and clear . . . Dubai buys into NASDAQ. Globalization is good for the U.S. China recalls continue. Ok for trucks to pass through our southern border . . . And our Government Agencies have been decimated and taxes remain the same for us small guys. And privatization is making prices climb . . . The Fed lowers interest rates . . . Ever hear of 1929?

Our leaders seem confused . . . They don’t tell us what really going on, they just do it alone. I wonder, when they’re going to wake up, I wonder when we’ll take this fight to them? Every time we vote we just put another politician in the same place as the last one. And nothing changes why? Did we ever stop to think that may both sides are digging in the same well?

Is it time for a third party? Sure it is, but if that party starts digging in the same place we’ve accomplished nothing. We need a party that believes in the American People first and always. It has to be a party for the people, that doesn’t take the opposite side just to be different, but strives to do the right thing for Americans. Not just for those with money, not just those of color, sex. It has to unite us; it has to accomplish something, health care for all, schooling for all, retirement for all, freedom for all, vacations for all.

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