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Monday, October 15, 2007

Are We To Blame . . .


Yesterday while driving I began to wonder, if it wasn’t all our faults for the way things are in the United States. We all want more; we all want to pay less taxes, don’t we?

Sure we do . . . But look around you. Do you see all that infrastructure? Public roads, utilities, buildings of every sort and we complain. Who’s going to maintain these things? All of us, and still we build . . . Oil prices are driving up all costs and they’re passing them on to us . . . Privatization isn’t going to make anything cheaper, it’s just going to go higher.

But then, maybe it’s Republican to do without or pay whatever the price? Are we ready to walk? I am. But are you?

I am a Republican, I just don’t think this Administration truly is . . . Did they ask you what you wanted? Or did they assume you wanted less Government? Did they assume you would be ok with making less, paying less taxes for less? Did they ask you if it was ok, when Katrina blew, that FEMA wasn’t there to serve those in need? Will you be ok with it when it happens to you?

Are you ok without a draft? Are you ok enough to privatize the military, did they ask you? Are you ok when they took away the Bill of Rights and added that sham the Patriot Act? Have your read either?

And how did they do all this . . . We had our eyes on something else . . . Terror. But what if the real Terror comes from within, just what if? And who’s going to be the next in line to lead and where are they going to lead us? Can we trust anyone?

Two parties are not working for us. We need a peoples party . . . The Dream Party.

A party that throws out the ideologies of helping all people because they can’t help themselves and helping only business and those with the riches . . . I want someone to lead us on a path of the righteous, because it’s the right thing to do not because someone says it is. I believe in a Progressive and Moderate, middle ground.

I believe in healthcare for everyone, college for everyone, no one should go hungry. How about tax deductions for everyone same as business? For things like college, healthcare, gas . . . Workers are assets to this country, why don’t they treat us that way? . . . How about six weeks vacation each and every year. How about never having to worry about retirement? What if we truly meant war only at as a last resort? PEACE should always be our goal.


You don’t think it’s possible? Maybe not today, but we’re not even working toward any of it. Money has whored our thoughts, stolen them from any hope of tomorrows yet to come. Dreams are yours to share . . . The Party of the future, The Dream Party, where the American Dream Can Live Again.

What do you think? The Brave Few.

Dan Hanosh
Dreams are yours to Share

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1 comment:

ChrissyJo said...

Great words - to put it lightly, I think money is 'the devil.' Everything humane and peaceful and beautiful is ruined over greed. I see I agree with a lot you say, I just probably don't say it as well as you. Excellent writing!