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Saturday, October 13, 2007

What's Presidential . . .


What is Presidential, anyway? What values should a President have? What does integrity mean? What’s virtue? Are they just words or do they suggest an innate wisdom to do what’s right?

What does it mean when someone wins the Nobel Peace Prize? Should it mean anything to us?

Would a Great CEO make a great President?

No necessarily . . . A Good President has to walk a tight wire for he is the leader of all his people. Favoritism can not be tolerated. A Good leader must hold himself accountable . . . If a leader of another country acted as we our now, we would turn our backs on them.

The next President has insurmountable problems to fight and the deck is stacked . . . So who in their right mind would want to bang their head against this rock for the next four years with hopes of another four?

Democrats will try to fix things that have been decimated? Will a Republican just continue to dismantle the Federal Government . . . ? But what will happen to us? Privatization will costs all of us . . . Elimination of the so call entitlements will put the burden on the states . . . Hey, that’s us again . . . And do you think any of us will pay less Federal Taxes any time soon? Yea . . . Think again, the War will be paid for, taxes will go up for every one . . . Thank you, Mr. President. . . . BRING EM HOME . . .

And the States, well their going in a disastrous direction, all for less at what gains? Are you willing to not have library buildings, school buildings? Are you ready to go back to gravel roads? Less Government means, less infrastructure costing more. Do you like public restrooms? They gotta go and you won’t be able to. The Brave Few.

Dan Hanosh
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