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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I've become such a cynic . . .

I’ve become a cynic and I don’t like it. But everywhere I turn I see signs of the sins of what our Government is messing up . . . I just don’t trust our leaders anymore and it’s killing me. Every time they meet for HR . . . blankity-blank, I feel they are putting it to us. I am waiting for them to sell Yellowstone to the Saudi’s or the Grand Canyon . . . And I pray they won’t but it’s happening all around us. The Democrats in Illinois sold a toll way, the NASDAC is going, our ports . . .

This can’t be good. And then I see the wealthy jumping ship and moving to Dubai . . . The place where everything is being sold, I wonder why? Privatization, Globalization . . . Good God will we ever wake up? If I ever hear someone say to me again, What can you do? I’m going to rip their fricking head off . . . That’s not the answer. The power is in us, numbers and they know it.

We have no media, sold long ago . . . No manufacturing gone to the cheapest labor, cheapest goods, no jobs, going, going, gone. Healthcare, wish in one hand and S**T in the other and see which gets filled first? And we have a war waging to cloud their criminal actions and no one is watching . . . Why? Does everyone plan on evacuating the ship? Here we are on a voyage and a rouge wave is about to take us out . . . Its name is George Bush and he is also Captain of the Sinking ship . . . I wonder, what happened to those captains of Enron? Where has Halliburton gone? The Brave Few.

Dan Hanosh
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1 comment:

wilbau said...

Yo! I agree and do like this post. Becoming 'cynical' is maybe one necessary step in the process of the changing perception when one becomes more mature and experienced in 'the ways of the world'. One possibility to get a victory over it could be maybe to become a bit childish again. A lil' bit silly, humorious, cracking jokes on the a$$ &&&&s and getting engaged in helping youth and seekers to whats truly life worth living for.
Keep going!