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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Senate Disconnect

. . .

Today the Senate wants you to believe they care about our soldiers . . . They are talking about suicide. Our soldiers are on a one way ticket and no one is listening. First let thank all our soldiers, we love you.

But as an American, I have to fight for you . . . You can’t because you serve all of us. There is a disconnect in this country. Somehow many of us believe that our service men and women are being paid so they should fight. And if they aren’t fighting then maybe they aren’t doing what we pay them for? What a load of CRAP.

I have heard so many say it’s about time that our National Guard or as they call them, Weekend Warriors earn their money . . . You see somewhere the people of the U.S. have grown tired of the so called entitlements . . . The people have begun to believe that so many get and never have to pay for what they get . . . Right.

What have you received that you haven’t had to pay for in some way? There are no free lunches. There are no free lunches anywhere.

And what is the exodus to Dubai? Could it be the new world order of things to come? The wealthy live in one spot, running the rest of the world. That’s the true Globalization . . . And the rules don’t matter anymore. Supply and Demand dictates to us all and our Government can’t help anymore. So the Corporate Headquarters move to Dubai. Guess where Halliburton moved too? Why? No one Government can impose restrictions . . .

It’s everything . . . Privatization is everything being bought by foreign interests. Ever wonder when our churches will start going to the highest bidder? And our Congress does nothing . . . The Brave Few.

Dan Hanosh
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