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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Something Shouts Out To Me

Something shouts out to me . . . If the man we elected goes insane, how do we stop him?

I’m not saying that’s the case, but if it was to happen, how do we stop the free fall? Would Congress act or would they just think it was all part of the everyday act?

This is scary to me . . . I don’t know about you but for the first time ever this has come to mind . . . What if?

I’ve always thought our system was the best in the world, that is until 9-11 and then I saw something I thought could never happen . . . We let the Fox into the hen house, now were losing chickens. How did this happen? Easy . . .

One, the Republicans held the Presidency and both the Senate and the House. Who held both, didn’t matter, it would had the same abuse of power if it was reversed . . . Power can’t be held unchecked.

Two, the Congress was created to give the people a voice . . . Not just some of the people . . . And Congress wasn’t, isn’t and maybe never have been doing their jobs. The Republicans thought because they held both Congress and the Presidency, that they shared the same agenda? Sorry, no one thinks the same, ever . . . And so they gave the President more war time powers and now there’s no way to stop him . . . I wouldn’t give my own father that power, not unchecked.

Three, when they could have, they didn’t act . . . Censorship, Impeachment is all there is to shackle a rouge administration . . . Everyone fears the aftermath of impeachment. And no one wants another Vietnam or a flavor left by its aftermath . . . But were here and we need a sheriff or a gunslinger, as John Fogerty sings . . .

Someone fearless, willing to
BRING EM HOME, to end this war and do what’s right for all Americans. Now, I didn’t say, for those that came here illegally . . . We will solve their problems after our own . . . After, we solve the healthcare CRAP, universal is the only way . . . Guess what, you’ve already paid for and never gotten it. After College is paid for all Americans, after we not let anyone go hungry . . . No one should, not in America. After we build a parachute for retirement for all Americans, after we give six weeks of vacation to our workers, so they don’t burn out and drop out. After we rebuild of manufacturing and drop out of the Globalization CRAP . . . Why does everyone want us to import their products? We once had the largest Spendable Income in the world . . .

And so the money lovers, they want you to believe we have to be part of the Global CRAP . . . Not true. Let’s fix what’s broken here, before we try and fix the world . . . George go home to Crawford or Dubai or where ever you’re going to live . . .

Sorry, I got off track . . . I am a Republican, what happened to my party? Where did this CRAP about entitlements come from, I mean the hate. Sure we pay too many taxes, but so does every modern industrial country in the world today. And you know something, they have more than we could possible ever dream of. I have paid my own way, college, house, vacations, son with cancer, and so what entitlement is too much? Helping those without? That’s nuts . . . Today we have more homeless than ever. More people without jobs, sure the stats say something else, they always do. But just travel the roads in the U.S. go from city to city and open your eyes. It’s sad to see a woman holding a child with a sign. I’ll work for food . . .

Maybe it’s not the entitlements that we fear maybe it’s that others will get more than us . . . The Brave Few.

Dan Hanosh
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