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Friday, October 05, 2007

Privatization Is Such A Sham

. . .

This administration’s slash and burn policies have gutted every Governmental Program . . . And the American people are hurting, privatization doesn’t work. Without a Government protecting the people, there isn’t a Government. Everyone thinks George’s father is upset with his son, right . . .

What has this president done . . . Under a guise, he has given this country to the rich. Capitalization doesn’t work for everyone. Globalization doesn’t work for the best market in the world. Illegal Immigration doesn’t work for all American’s just the top ten percent. The patriot act leaves out the bill of rights, the laws that protect the labor of our once great country . . . And he’s hired thugs, dogs of war. And Congress is powerless . . .

Take away the laws for the people and abuse runs amok.

John Fogerty got it right, we need a gunslinger. (Revival)

by John Fogerty

Lookin’ out across this town
kinda makes me wonder now
all the things that made us great
got left so far behind

this used to be a peaceful place
decent folks hardworkin’ ways
now they hide behind locked doors
afraid to speak their mind

I think we need a Gunslinger
somebody tough to tame this town
I think we need a Gunslinger
There’ll be justice all around

someone let the fences go
wild eyed bunch moved in you know
shootin’ up the street
shoutin’ everybody down
the dogs all runnin’ loose

wrecked the paper
closed the school
tired old judge got roughed up too
no one left to make a stand
they whisper what’s the use

I think we need a Gunslinger
somebody tough to tame this town
I think we need a Gunslinger
There’ll be justice all around.

. . . But change is in the wind and someone’s going to pay.

Our Leaders, those on both sides will pay for their failures . . . Failures to do their jobs. Congress was the check and balance of this Government and they gave their power away . . . The Supreme Court was another check and the deck was stacked . . . The military was another and he extended their tours, until everyone quit, leaving only the puppets and now he has his private army . . . Almost every Government agency has been slashed, FDA, SEC, FEMA, IRS and the rest have come under the American SS, the motherland, Homeland . . . The Brave Few. BRING EM HOME

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