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Friday, October 12, 2007

What if little boy George Doesn't Leave

. . .

What makes you think that Bush is leaving at the end of his term? What if he doesn’t?

Who’s going to stop him? Everyone has given away the power . . . We’re in a war, wartime powers, right? No one has humbled this man. No one has been able to stop him. He’s classified everything . . . There’s not a shed of evidence that anyone can use in court to convict him of anything.

So what makes you think he’s going to leave at the end of his term? The Constitution. You mean the same document he took an oath to uphold . . . Did he uphold it or did he tear out the Bill of Rights and stomp on it with the Patriot Act?

Have you read the Constitution and Patriot Act?

What if our frightful faithful leader won’t give up his throne? He is the commander and chief of the Military. He has stacked the Supreme Court and won his election there. He has gone to war on a lies, his own lies . . . I remember those days leading up to shock and awe. The Iraqi Ambassador tried to meet with Bush, he wouldn’t see the man . . . The Iraqi’s were destroying five to ten of their missiles a day and that was not good enough.

No one has stopped him, maybe slowed him, but never ever beat him. He has successfully stopped the war banter in the media, there’s no real objective, investigative media. It just doesn’t exist any longer.

And so, don’t be shocked if he just doesn’t leave at the end of his term . . . BRING EM HOME . . . The Brave Few

Dan Hanosh
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1 comment:

BillyWarhol said...

Rock On Brother!!

Glad yer on da Peace Train!!


I did an interesting Post today on World Can't Wait - Impeach Bush - Orange Fridays! Code Pink had a Petition re: Colonel Ann Wright - War Protestor not being allowed into Canada!! Unbelievable!!

I think U have their Peace Sign Widget - I will try + get one on my Blog this weekend*

Cheers! Billy ;))