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Monday, November 05, 2007

I Used To Believe . . .

. . .

The other day I realized for the first time ever . . . That my country has become a lie and our leaders are liars. And that hurts, it hurts me to say it and it hurts because it’s true. You see I was one of the few believers left. I believed in this more perfect union founded on truth . . .

And the other day I found it lurking in our leaders actions of the past . . . And it hurt so much to write the words. Our American wars have been nothing but lies . . .

And today our leaders believe they are doing what is best for us, how else could they do what they do?

And my brother-in-law is a good man and yet he believes in them . . . I just can’t see it. I would love to believe again, but, but I just can’t.

I know the media today is a farce, but maybe it’s always been nothing more than a propaganda machine . . . I’m not sure, but that’s what I suspect. And then I look at both parties and I see them say one thing and then when they vote, nothing ever is done for us. Why? They give so many varied reasons, but in my mind only one floats to the surface . . . They are both the same.

We are heading toward a point where there won’t be any turning back . . . And no one seems to want to intervene. And this time, our children will be the ones to die . . . The Brave Few.

Dan Hanosh
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