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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

And So You Think You Are A Republican . . .

. . .

I think of myself as a Republican and yet, I just don’t get it . . . They believe in Pro-live and yet they believe in Capital Punishment and war . . . And they’re against Stem Cell Research, which would, could, might prolong life. And so many don’t believe in contraceptives . . . They believe in torture . . . I don’t.

And Democrats want to welcome all people into this great country . . . And still they haven’t fixed anything. Their Pro-Choice and then they say they are for all people . . . And still they gave the President the power he needed to go to war in Iraq . . . Typically against Capital Punishment.

So much doesn’t make sense . . . It makes your head spin. All I can truthfully say, is what I am for . . . And you know that’s really all any of us can do anyway.

Then why do we allow our parties to tell us what we believe in . . . ?

Here’s what I know about me . . .

I am for Universal Health.
I am for College/School for all Americans.
I am for Retirement for all Americans.
I am Pro-life with respect for others opinions.
I don’t believe in the Death Penalty.
I believe in war only as a last option, not as policy.
I believe in the Constitution is the law of the land, and I
believe the Bill of Rights has made us great . . . I
don’t believe in the Patriot Act, wire taping or torture.
I believe laws are merely guidelines and Judges are
supposed to interpret them.
I believe Religion has to be kept out of Government.
I believe in Religious Freedom and prayers in school.
I believe our borders need to be secured and that breaking
the law is no way to enter this or any country.
I believe your opinion is as important as mine.
I don’t think anyone ought to be hungry.
I don’t like taxes, I don’t like waste.
I don’t want my tax dollars to buy bombs.


What do you believe in? So you think you are a Republican? So you think you are a Democrat? Really? The Brave Few.

Dan Hanosh
Dreams are yours to Share

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