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Monday, November 12, 2007

Veterans Day . . . A Day To Forget Politics

Today is for those who have gone to war, the fallen. Thank you . . . I wish there was more we could do, but . . . I’m not writing about politics today.

Several years ago, I visited a very sacred place, Arlington National Cemetery in Washington, D.C. I witnessed a very special ceremony, the changing of the guard. I was moved to tears. Standing there before the tomb of the unknown soldier, tears rolled down my cheeks, over looking the manicured landscape and all those bleach white markers . . . I stood on sacred ground.

And in the background I heard the guns of a twenty-one gun salute; another soldier had been laid to rest. Pride abounds all around those acres. Everyone that visits feels it. Every one knows they are heroes laid to rest, sleeping the eternal rest. That is most of them, anyway . . . Sure others lie there, but I won’t talk politics today.

Veterans Day has always been celebrated on November 11 and it was always special to me . . . The day after my birthday, I had it off for so many years. But it also didn’t take me long to realize what it meant, what it should mean to all Americans . . . And yet we don’t . . . I’m not writing politics, not today.

J.F.K. is buried there and so many others. Generals, enlisted men, famous men, so many and all received a military funeral. An honor guard, a rider-less horse with a pair of boots facing backward and a wagon with a casket with our flag draped over it. And always, ceremonial marches, slow and resolute, precise salutes for the fallen. Never does it matter, whether they fell in battle or from a long healthy life, a soldier has gone to his rest . . . Once a soldier, always a soldier. And always they hear the reports gun salute and a bugle playing taps on a hill. And always the flag is folded and handed to a loved one. The Brave Few. Dan

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