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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

We need to shift our focus . . .

. . .

During and after the cold war, we became deathly afraid of community, maybe with a good reason . . . And now we’re afraid or working for the common good and that doesn’t help anyone.

Look at it this way . . . Our local governments are willing to take anyone for any position. They are the ones making budgets and spending our tax dollars. We don’t know what they know, how they think or even if they are responsible. And the same gets magnified at the state and Federal levels.

Everyone knows this . . . Everyone wants to pay less taxes, but are you willing to do with less?

Are you ready to go back to gravel roads? Are you ready to tear down school buildings for online schools? Are you ready for private companies to pay their fair share? I’m talking about the stadiums? The cable the cable companies use? The electric provider’s grid? Don’t forget we paid for the infrastructure, we should be compensated . . .

And all those contractors, they’re raking in the doe because all they provide labor . . . You should be mad. Republicans you should be mad for the entitlements have gone to members of our tribe and must likely, not you . . . It will never be you or me.

Today in my community, I noticed camera’s on the new intersection . . . Why? Because we might need them . . . Pray tell who’s watching you?

Everyone should read Mein Kampf and yes, Communist Manifesto, but keep your dictionary next to you. You’ll need it. Hate is a tool to bring members into the fold. The more you hate the more haters fill your ranks.

Today both parties use hate . . . All they want is your vote. They’ll throw you a bone, maybe make you think they’re in your corner. And what’s truly hilarious, is their pork makes us think they are working for us . . . We’ve got to come together before it’s too late. Katrina should have been the wake up . . . Katrina could have been you or me.

Everyone wants you to believe that Iraq is because of 9-11, that it is over oil. It’s neither of those . . . It’s simply to spend the national resources so the other side can’t . . .

And now we’ll never get healthcare, education for all, maybe even Social Security funded . . . No matter what they do or don’t do, they win. No Government can be so chaotic without being planned . . . The Brave Few. Dan

Dan Hanosh
Dreams are yours to Share

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gt281 said...

Very true Dan…
its very sad to know that this the greatest nation that has ever
been formed,, has been led by the nose by the greedy mememememes…
both in politics and in private companies…no answer on how to fix it…
perhaps morally as individuals we have lost some,, a lot,, of our
fight together sprit…perhaps the answer lies not with dismantling
the corrupt system now apon us,, but rather with teaching our own
children a moral and just way of living…then in a couple of generations our great land will once again have Washingtons,, Jeffersons,, Lincolns,,
Adams,, Kings,, walking with us….just a thought………
Merry Christmas to you and yours….(I don’t care if that’s PC incorrect)…

Mee mOe said...

You have a very good insite, I like your way of thinking.

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