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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Rambling on the Wires . . .

. . .

I haven’t been feeling like writing about politics. I just don’t like the hate that is there. I think of myself as a Republican, although, I am a human being first, not a Republican, not an American. You see where this is going. Who you think you are, will determine your choices . . . And you must know yourself, before any of it will really be who you are.

To vote Republican as a Union Worker is not too true to who you are or is it? It all depends on what you value and the order you value it in.

What if we eliminated public schools? Our taxes would be less right? No . . . Our schools would be better. Not so fast . . . Those that couldn’t afford the better schools would get the raw end of the stick as always. We’d home school. Right, don’t we read anymore . . . The public school system was created because we had a society of illiterate workers. Sure we had the Rockefellers and all the Robber Barrens. Wonder why, so many of them were saved from the Titanic?

What if we eliminated the American Armed Services? Taxes would go down, wouldn’t they? No . . . We’d pay more for the private army.

What if we eliminated the Post Office? Taxes? No . . . It would cost more to mail a letter.

So what does it mean . . . Balance my friend, a smaller, more efficient, Government. Whoever thought Republicans wanted privatization anyway? The New Conservatives, why? Simply, because with a smaller Government they win or privatization they win also.

And why? Because we believe we will pay less taxes. But wait . . . If the Fed doesn’t do it, who will? You know who. In the short run, we’ll get their tax break. That is until, you know who starts taking on those activities the Fed won’t do anymore.

The truth, you pay X. X is made up of State taxes and Federal taxes and City taxes and maybe County taxes. If the Federal Taxes goes down, the others will go up to cover the lost services. And because they are starting from nothing, it’ll be more. And that will be X + Y, where Y will be the cost of the new service startup.

My brother-in-law and sister-in-law are die hard Republicans . . . They would never ever think to vote another way.

I wonder if auto-bots are good for our way of life? A paradigm shift doesn’t solve it . . . The paradox is destroying us . . . Then what? Start over . . . Civil War, usually does that.

I am a human being first, remember? War is not acceptable. Then what? Balance . . . Our Government is what it was designed to be. Now we need to understand the Government is not the enemy as long as we keep the checks in place and as long as we balance the two. That is privatization and Government, conservative and democrat and work together . . .

Screw this up and we’ll have to deal with it and the truth, our American Civil War wasn’t fought over slavery . . . It was fought because one day Senators walked out, southern states seceded from the Union . . . Some might think that’s not so bad, but then we would look just like Europe with 50 countries with passports to boot!!!! The Brave Few. Dan

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1 comment:

gt281 said...

Ditto dan,, when a person stands behind the curtain to vote,, it should be for the best able and quailified person for the job,, many sheep just following has always been one of our biggest problems,, that and the fact that 'most' politicians
are crooked and only looking out for me me me or just their state,
county or district,,or how to get re-elected rather than the national good...i wonder what we could get if pork barreling was a hanging offense?....but you have to admit the system works 80% of the time,, that's more than most countries can say,, or maybe its just that we Americans are just
plain good at what we do...