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Thursday, December 27, 2007

What is Censorship . . .


The action of stopping the transmission or publication of a matter considered objectionable. So the dictionary states . . . But censorship is any act that stops the normal activity publishing to readers . . . And it’s funny how so many just don’t get it.

As a writer I have a problem with all censors. Not because some things are of a nature that offends, but because it is easy to earmark anything as being offensive . . . I have always been for the little guy

. . . In the late fifties and early sixties. It wasn’t a proud time in the U.S. We had the so called communist threat and we rounded up citizens as subversives, jailed them and even put two to death. Freedom of speech is not a right but merely words. You see it works like this, what ever the majority wants, it gets. The Constitution was penned for those of us who sit outside the masses . . . And a Senator from my state started the whole witch hunt. Something I’m not very proud of.

I’m against all needless rules. I don’t believe the majority is always right. If we were, we would never go to war for unknown reasons.

And then there was Vietnam . . . A war that was a police action, to stop the spread of the plague called communism. And for all the trouble we got a wall in Washington for the fallen. Now we can go and feel the pain, get an etching of a fallen friend. And our leaders figured out that the draft was what was wrong with that war . . . What is a draft? Conscription, forced service to fight in the name of our country. We have always had conscription until now.

And do we learn . . . The Russians got their butts handed to them Afghanistan. For ten years they fought until they fell . . . And now we find ourselves there also and in Iraq . . . Turkey is fighting on their border. We don’t count the dead that die in hospitals . . . We use contractors to kill and the media … And today in Pakistan a leader was slain . . .

And I was looking back on this year, I realized that this is a year I’m not so proud of . . . From Imus, Michael Vick, Jones, Nowack, Paris Hilton, from all of these a common thread exists . . . We have become a nation of haters. And the internet is quickly becoming just another boiling pot of thought. A place where the haters can get together and do what they do best . . . I feel the pain that the hate is spreading. I hope I’m wrong, but then look at Blog Catalog . . .

I have reached my Limit on friends . . . The reason is server space. But that doesn’t hold water. It doesn’t because all they had to do is eliminate dead links on our friend’s links . . .

And someone said it was their servers they should be allowed to do what they want . . . Friends that’s so true, but who’s making them do anything different. Words and actions are two separate things.

They’ve done it in the past. But pressure, you know how that works. The one that sits back, get s**t on. And I’m not really mad at the act, I’m mad that we are so quick to throw freedom away . . . I call this censorship. Maybe most won’t see it that way. But anyone can justify taking a stand that causes a writer not to write. You see, I get requests all the time from members of BC to be their friend. I can’t . . .

The funny thing is that all the others with their small numbers of friends don’t maintain their friend lists . . . Too lazy I guess.

Anyway ever sense I been at BC, I have been getting job offers from the Judicial System . . . I wonder? My thoughts . . . Blogging, the internet was developed by the DOD in case of a holocaust . . . All computers wouldn’t be wiped out . . . And during Clinton they gave it to us . . . Ever wonder why?

They talk about wire tapping in Congress, so you think their going to do something about it, their not. Ever wonder who Google is? Who Blog Catalog is or could be? Now they tried to pass a bill to give the phone companies a pass on prosecution . . . ATT bought SBC Global. They bought Yahoo. Wasn’t Micro something looking into buying Google or maybe they did . . . ?

Hey do you remember MS getting off with a slap on the wrist for monopolistic practice? Could it be . . . No, it couldn’t, could it? How’s your computer running these days? Mine’s kind of slow . . . I wonder. Once I sent an email to myself, because my emails were getting to me very slowly . . . So I simply sent an email to myself, asking who was reading my emails . . . And when I got it the subject said, ciao . . .

Ever wonder who owns what? It doesn’t much matter, because with pressure we know what they’ll become.

The haters are growing in their numbers and the rules are growing. And the internet is already closing on our freedoms, and this door will be shut forever. So I’m gonna get mine now . . . How about you?

Have you looked around lately? Camera’s dot our intersections. Watchdogs . . . They record our transactions at the ATM’s and outside of buildings. Our emails are being read, phone calls are being listened to for what ever reason . . . The truth, fear is the plague . . . And so we go to work each day, pay our taxes and dream of retirement . . .

One thing everyone needs to know, the bad guys don’t use the internet . . . We do. Ever wonder who paid for the internet? The porn sites . . . Things are never what they seem. The Brave Few. Dan

Dan Hanosh
Dreams are yours to Share

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gt281 said...

Hey Dan,,
Well that was an interesting read…not quite sure how to respond to it…interesting is all I can come up with…
I just thought I’d say I read it,, hmmmm.. I’ll be back to read your next one and see how that goes…….