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Thursday, January 03, 2008

I'm Tired of Watching CNN . . .

I’m tired of watching CNN, I’m tired of all of it . . . My mom always said, if you’ve got nothing good to say, don’t say anything at all. And so I’m avoiding all newspapers, news channels and blogs. Mine included.

I wish for a moment we could stand back and see where we’re going . . . If Corporate leaders are to run the whole world then understand that you’re either an asset or a liability? A liability is always cut, an asset is merely property . . .

Make sure that’s the path you want for you and yours to dance to. No matter who you are, you’ll be owned by corporate interests . . .

Oil prices are at an all time high . . . I own a GMC diesel 3500 . . . Today I got a letter from a Dealership. They would like to buy my truck. Sure they do. I take great care of it and that truck is not one of those tiny foreign models, it’s a big bad boy. I always tell everyone sincerely, I could pull your truck and your house with that bad boy. It’s true. Not very far, just off its foundation.

And now gas prices are going up . . . Hey, what about diesel? Folks, diesel has been paying your way for the last five months. Soon you’ll be paying the same as me . . . How’s it feel to be screwed? The same people complaining are the same ones that said Globalization was a good thing, the same people that said labor prices are too high . . .

The truth will hurt you more than me. Business will always seek lower costs, anyway they can get them. But you and me, whether you own a business or work for one, we are not a business, we work for a living. Lower wages mean lower wages for everyone. Oh and did you the American Market is tied to American Wages? When the market can’t get high prices, it has to lower its price . . . Even if it is below cost.

In the long term no one wins . . . Short run, those at the top will win, that is until it turns against them. And it always does. Greed destroys everyone and everything around it.

No new taxes . . . Right. Wisconsin just added a dollar to a pack of cigarettes to be used for, I forget where . . . Oh, to pay for children’s health insurance . . . It’s like, if you could kill with a gun, then everyone with an index finger, we’re going to sacrifice that for the whole . . . You won’t mind too much if we cut off your index finger, right? Could you visualize that pile of index fingers . . . ?

I’m not sure if it’s the Republicans going nuts or the Democrats running amok? Doesn’t matter much, they’re all the same. Does anyone remember a party held in Boston several hundred years ago? I wonder what that was all about . . . Tea, wasn’t it?

The truth . . . The end doesn’t justify any means. Both sides believe it does and this has to stop. That’s what got us into Iraq. That’s what got Bush into power, thank you Mr. Clinton . . . That’s what got us into Vietnam.

Everyday we live on a path, an American path . . . We used to know what that meant, what it meant to be American and somewhere we figured that the world needed to know who we were . . . Silly, we have become those we fight, those that hate. The Brave Few. Dan

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