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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Travels with Charley . . . May 10, 2006

The Brave Few – May 10, 2006

Well yesterday I started Walking Across America. And today I’m officially on a diet, so far so good . . . Join me if you dare?

If you’re keeping track, I walked one mile . . . Starting from no where and ending no where. Truthfully I haven’t decided where to put my marker. I can put it anywhere and now I can’t decide. I will soon, because I love to tell stories and they can only start with a location. I wonder, do I have to start on a coast or can I just . . . I guess I can do whatever. And so you figure out where I am, if you can?

As I walk today, I can feel the cool moist sand between my toes. A salty smell fills the air as a seagull calls out, Err … Err. A small girl looks up as I pass. She seems to be picking at the sand with a stick. In the distance, others are walking hand and hand. Its morning and the sun’s rays are on my left. In the bay, a seal bob’s for clams and sea worms. And on my right is a yellow house the size of a barn and people sit nonchalantly on the porch chairs. The wood screen door slams as someone exits the building. On the second floor, someone is stirring tomato juice with a piece of celery. An occasional car passes out front as guests head toward the beach.

Come and we can take this journey together.

miles traveled: 1
yet to go: Still too many to count

Dan Hanosh
. . . Brave Men Never Die
They Live in the Hearts
and minds of others.


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