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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

What's the intrigue about the 300

What’s the intrigue about the 300?

I’m infatuated with history . . . But that’s not why I’m so interested in the 300. It has to do with tools of the time and how well we as human beings can master the use of them.

It’s as though everyone thinks that our methods are so much better than those that came before. In truth they were able to move mountains without machines . . . And they built tall building without steel, without mortar . . . And they fought wars without guns.

But how did they?

Most believe the movie, The 300 to be a fictional tale by the poet HERODOTUS. Maybe it is and maybe he was telling us things we couldn’t possibly conceive on are own.

There was a scene in the movie where a Rhinoceros charges into the 300, as if it were a tank. Maybe far fetched, maybe not? Hannibal had Elephants. We think they had armor with spikes put on their tusks. We’ve seen them used in the circus . . . So what about a Rhino?

Could a mere 300 hundred men, truly have stood for so long against so many? Why would they have fought to the death, each man?

Those two questions, many of us won’t understand . . . Over the years I did a little impromptu survey of my own . . . I asked approximately a hundred or so, friends and family what they would do?

I said, you’re in a foxhole, with four of your closest friends and a hand grenade is tossed in, what do you do?

And of those asked, only one chose to sacrifice themselves for the others. Most replied, jump out of the hole or throw it back . . . Now who would you rather have in your foxhole?

As for the 300, we know what they chose, don’t we?

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